Hey Ladies

A Place for Women to Fish, Learn & Have Fun

Let’s face it, women bring a unique energy of joy and camaraderie to fishing that’s hard to match! At Island Fly, we’ve heard the call from many women who want to fish but struggle to find a supportive environment. That’s where we come in.

Ashley Dentler leads Island Fly’s Ladies Programs, creating a warm and welcoming space for women to learn and have fun. Ashley is dedicated to helping female anglers feel confident and empowered on the water. Whether it’s perfecting casting techniques or building friendships, Ashley ensures that every woman feels at home, whether on the beach, the boat, or on a hosted trip.

Join Ashley on our Ladies Trips for expert guidance in refining your skills, choosing the right gear, and connecting with fellow female anglers. Island Fly is committed to empowering women in the world of fly fishing, one cast at a time.

Want to Book a Trip?

Reach out to us and we’ll find a date that works. This is your experience and everything about it is custom tailored to you.